Aura - the Energy Field around us - Sam Solano
Have you ever seen colors surrounding your or someone else’s body? That is an energy field known as an aura. Everything possess an aura – people, animals, insects, plants, even objects or non-living things such as your cellphone or iPad. Although living life forms have stronger auras because they are constantly interacting between their environment and themselves.

The aura contains many colors and these colors have meanings. These colors vary depending on  our mood, personality, health, emotions, well-being, spirituality, etc.  For instance,  someone who is very angry would probably have strong red aura; if he/she has a softer red or pink aura, it would mean he/she is  in a loving mood. Some Clairvoyants can read or see other people aura's and interpret what they sense and feel about you. The aura contains all sorts of information about us.

You don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to see auras. Try this exercise!

1.       Turn out the lights and lay down on a bed. Leave the curtains open to obtain natural light.

2.       Put your hands out in front of you and hold them apart.

3.       Start to gaze at your hands, do not stare just gaze at them.

4.       Move your hands together until your fingers on each hand nearly touch.

5.       Slowly wiggle your fingers, keep gazing as you do this. As you wiggle your fingers, you might notice a bluey white haze around them. This is your aura.

6.       Keep practicing if nothing happens the first time.

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